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Innovation is a process that leaves little room for improvisation and requires mastery of the entire value chain: financing, idea, Proof of Concept, development, mechanical and electronic prototyping, market tests, industrialisation, certification, production…

The ROSA group is positioned as a global player in supporting companies in innovation : from the idea to the market.


With a vocation as a mechanical design office, EPURE quickly proposed a global product development project management offer. By taking charge of mechanical development, prototyping, industrialisation, tooling and the monitoring/management of subcontractors, EPURE has made this global offer available to its partners, enabling them to have a single contact, to reduce their time to market and to promote the success of their projects.

Increasingly solicited to manage the development of products integrating electronics, the electronic engineering office KAPA was created to consolidate this approach and meet an identified customer need. KAPA offers a global solution for your electronic board design and software development needs.

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In the same logic, in 2016, the group acquired the industrialist APTEM, specialised in the production of electronic cards. The consequent investment in the production tool has enabled the ROSA group to offer its partners flexibility (prototype, small and medium series) and quality in line with the most demanding international standards.
With the integration of these different skills, the ROSA group is increasingly solicited for innovative projects requiring environmental approaches and advanced technologies.

The Greenway company was created in 2019 in order to assist innovative project leaders in finding the appropriate funding for their projects, optimising the environmental performance of products and setting up collaborative innovation projects.
The various skills and know-how offered by the group through its four subsidiaries reflect the group’s strategy and philosophy, which positions itself as a global player in the support of innovation projects: from the idea to the market.


The ROSA group based in Annecy has the will to participate in the relocation of the French industry, that’s why we choose local partners for :


  • design,
  • injection,
  • machining,
  • prototyping….




As a subcontractor of electronic boards, our quality requirements are equal to the commercial stakes of our customers. While a PCB may contain thousands of soldered connections, a single defective solder joint can have serious consequences.


In order to reach the highest level of quality required, APTEM regularly invests in high technology equipment and in the continuous training of its staff. Our ambition is based on state of the art production means, associated with a high qualification of our technicians.

In order to meet the specific requirements of our business, we are committed to a quality approach, governed by IPC standards (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) and certifications.

IPC-A-610-FR standard, an international reference for electronic wiring.
IPC-A-610-F1 standard with qualified technician.



APTEM aims at excellence to meet the highest criteria and requirements of its customers. These are defined upstream and framed by very precise specifications that we establish in partnership, from the design, the prototyping, then at each stage of the manufacturing until the quality control before delivery. In addition to visual inspections, APTEM has an X-ray inspection machine for BGA, LGA and QFN packages.